VCAM and Multi-Greenroom / Breakout Workflows for Zoom and Hybrid Events

Traditionally in a live broadcast environment we see huge tables of laptops. The key problems with laptops?

Consumer models do not provide EDID control, you have to buy additional hardware.

Their IO possibilities are up to three sides meaning you have to space them out on tables for cable space allocation.

More signal conversion, more screens, piles of wall-warts, adapters etc.

Slow deployment, not flight case ready.

So to account for these issues we created a solution to tackle these problems. Key things we wanted.

Control over EDID information.

Density with video IO on one side.

Ability to be placed in a flight case.

Remote control, redundancy, and SDI/NDI/Dante compatible.

A machine capable of being scalable to large projects.

This machine feeds individual VCAMs into a greenroom and can pull out presenter feeds as face cams that can route to a vision mixer (ATEM Switcher or VMix). Each VCAM can feed SDI, Dante, and NDI to pretty much where ever you need it for virtual, hybrid, or in person events. Need a full VCam box of just individually controlled PowerPoints going to in person breakout rooms? It can do that too. The server allows for multi-VCAM operation for on premise and remote workflows. Perfect for installs or flight case ready.


This solution is available for rental only. We may change that in the future.

Contact us to know more.