We design custom high performance computers, rendering systems and servers for media and entertainment, data science, and blockchain.

What We Can Do for You

Virtual Sets and on-site integration

We provide custom servers to plug in your virtual set in on-site.

Custom Tailored Servers

Servers purpose-built for your application. Virtual production, VFX, machine learning, blockchain and more.

VR, AR, mixed reality

Does your team have a tech demo that needs to be visualize during a tradeshow or event? We have a custom servers for multi-user VR collaboration that we bring to you on-site.

Hardware integration for small to large facilities

Solutions for businesses that are thinking about upgrading to a hybrid purpose environment that will help them improve their workflows or if they want to add various technologies together.

Purpose-built for your workflow. We maximize redundancy, density and GPU computation in custom rackmount form factors.